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Reverse Or Manage Diabetes Pre-, Type II And Type I.

Attend a Diabetes Education Seminar and get a step-by-step plan that works for you.


Life-Style Health

Live Your New Life Now


Diabetes And Nutrition

Learn How Certain Foods Affect Your Blood Sugars And How You Feel.

Exercise and It's Effects on Blood Sugars

Learn Personalized Activities That Will Help You With Your Blood Sugars

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Learn How To Use The Results in Decision Making

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Majority of newly diagnosed patients with diabetes receive no formal education on how to manage their disease. At diabetes education management we understand the struggles, difficulties, doubts and fear of the unknown when newly diagnosed with diabetes. Our job is to provide you with education, wisdom and tools that will equip you to better understand and self manage your diabetes. Through life style changes you will achieve a longer and higher quality of life. Feeling well and being healthy is priceless and we are passionate about helping people achieve this goal. Our staff are experts and passionate about diabetes.

What Is Diabetes Education?

Helps Patients Gain Control Of Their Blood Glucose And Live Long, Active Lives.

Empower yourself to manage your condition. We’ll teach, coach and guide you so that you understand this health condition and how it affects your personal life, and work with you to set (and meet) behavioral change goals to improve your health.

Our Goal Is To Help People With Diabetes Practice These Behaviors Every Day.

This can be difficult but it does work, by helping lower blood sugar (glucose), blood pressure and cholesterol. Most people with diabetes know self-management is important, but many find it overwhelming.

Follow Up Appointments Are Important.

You will automatically be scheduled for the corresponding 4 week follow up appointment included in your registration to ensure that all goals are being met. Follow up care keeps patients healthier and drives positive care outcomes.

We don't just care about education, we care about YOU!

Our Approach

Helping patients understand many of the basics facts associated with diabetes, and helping them build confidence and take control of their diabetes. We teach patients that diabetes does not control them but that THEY control diabetes. Education and knowledge will facilitate this goal.


How It Works

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Seminar plus 1 month follow up Appointment.

Visit with a Board-Certified Medical Provider.

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